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The Future Is humanity approaching a major turning point A computer model that was originally developed in 1973 by a group of scientists at MIT is warning that things are about to dramatically change. If the computer predictions are accurate, our standard of living will start coque personnalisees iphone double coque samsung j3 6 siliconetransparente to decline coque personnalisees huawei dramatically around the year 2020, and we will witness the of civilization around the year 2040. Of course this is not the first time ominous predictions such as this have been made about our future. For years, experts have been warning that we are heading for severe shortages coque iphone 4 of water, food and oil as our limited natural resources begin to run out. For years, experts have been warning that our economic model is not sustainable and that we are heading for a historic collapse. For years, experts have been warning about the alarming increase in seismic activity all over the planet and about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Society is crumbling all coque iphone 5 plaque around us, and the elements for a storm are definitely coming together. So maybe this computer model is on to something. air max pas cher The name of the computer program is One and it was originally created by Jay Forrester prediction came from a programme nicknamed World One, which was developed by a team coque samsung s10 of MIT researchers and processed by Australia largest computer. It was originally devised by computer pioneer Jay Forrester, after he was tasked by the Club of Rome coque iphone 5 serie to develop a model of global sustainability. nike zoom chaussure However, the shocking result of the coque iphone 4s abercrombie computer calculations showed that the level of pollution and population would cause a global collapse by 2040. The fact that the Club of Rome was behind Jay Forrester work is a major red flag, because David Rockefeller and other globalists founded the Club of Rome and it has always been used to further the globalist agenda. papsnco Could it be possible that this computer model is a glimpse into the kind of future that the globalists believe is coming According to the model, life as we know it is about to change in a massive way this time the broadcasters addreses the audience: around 2020, the condition of the planet becomes highly critical. we do nothing about it, the quality of life goes down to zero. Pollution becomes so seriously it will start to kill people, which in turn will cause the population to diminish, lower than it was in the 1900. this stage, around 2040 to 2050, civilised life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist. computer model appears to be primarily concerned with natural resources, pollution and population levels, but other factors should be considered as well. In order to have people need to behave in a civilized manner, and we see more evidence that we are darty coque iphone 4 in coque samsung j4 plus le roi lion an advanced state of social decay on a daily basis. For example, one would think that priests would be some of the most well behaved and members of our society, but a new report about clergy child abuse in Pennsylvania is pulling back the curtain on incredible acts of darkness details coque iphone 5 ines de la fressange have emerged about predatory behavior by priests, including those who made young boys rinse their mouths with holy water to them after they were forced to give oral sex and one young boy made to pose naked as Jesus while other priests took pornographic pictures and shared them with other clergymen. A bombshell report by a grand jury in Pennsylvania has extensively detailed for the first time how 300 priests sexually abused more than 1,000 children and how church leaders, some of whom are still alive, covered it up. Remember, these 300 priests are just from one state. There are countless other incidents of abuse all over the country, and it is a crisis that appears to be escalating. Earlier today, I came across a story about a 22 year old man in Michigan that approached a group of young girls in a forceful manner, but fortunately they were able to fight him off Michigan girls successfully fought off a man who allegedly intended to kidnap and have sex with one of them by punching him and flinging hot coffee in his face. Bruce Hipkins, 22, of Tuscola County, Michigan, was charged coque iphone 5 picture organic with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery and criminal sexual conduct charges following the incident which occurred Friday night. chaussure nike free The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is wearing very thin, and it is all that really separates us from societal collapse, chaos and coque samsung j5 2015 silicone bleu anarchy. Ultimately, a computer model from 1973 is probably not going to be the best guide, but I do agree that enormous societal changes are heading our way very rapidly. In fact, I wrote an entire novel about what America will start to look like as those societal changes begin to accelerate. I am more convinced than ever that America is heading for a storm that will bring us to our knees, but most Americans appear to have bought into the fiction that everything is going to be okay somehow even though it is exceedingly clear that virtually nothing about our society is sustainable over an extended period of time. A day of reckoning is inevitably coming, and even a computer model from 1973 coque iphone 4 bmx can see that. For those of you that coque iphone 8 have stopped, it is time to start prepping again. A major international debt crisis has started, war almost erupted in the Middle East last week, and civil unrest is starting to erupt in major cities all across America. I believe that we are going to witness bigger changes over the next two years than we have over the last ten coque iphone 4s pour adulte years combined. The clock is ticking, and America date with destiny is fast approaching. As always, let us hope for the best, but let us also get prepared for the worst. I know that the coque telephone samsung j5 2017 silicone headline sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually a true story. A Silicon Valley executive named Anthony Levandowski has already filed paperwork with the IRS for the nonprofit corporation that is going to run this new religion. nike sb chaussures Officially, this new faith will be known as Of The Future and you can visit the official website right here. Of course nutjobs are creating religions all the time, but in this case Levandowski is a very highly respected tech executive, and his new religion is even getting coverage from Wired magazine new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future. It represents an unlikely next act for the Silicon Valley robotics wunderkind at the center of a high stakes legal battle between Uber and Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle company. Papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May name Levandowski as the leader (or “Dean”) of the new religion, as well as CEO of the nonprofit corporation formed to run it. So what will adherents of this new faith actually believe To me, it sounds like coque j5 2017 samsung disney roi lion a weird mix of atheism and radical transhumanism. The following comes from Way of the Future official website believe in science (the universe came into existence 13.7 billion years ago and if you can re create/test something it doesn exist). There is no such thing as powers. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We believe in progress (once you have a working version of something, you can improve on it and keep making it better). Change is good, even if a bit scary sometimes. When we see something better, we just change to that. The bigger the change the bigger the justification needed. We believe the creation of intelligence is inevitable (mainly because after we re create it, we will be able to tune it, manufacture it and scale it). We don think that there are ways to actually stop this from happening auchan coque iphone 4 (nor should we want to) and that this feeling of we must stop this is rooted in 21st century anthropomorphism (similar to humans thinking the sun rotated around the earth in the so distant past). But even though Way of the Future does not embrace the they do believe in a this new religion, the worship of a that will be created using artificial intelligence will be actively encouraged documents state that WOTF’s activities will focus on “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and coque swag samsung j5 2016 software.” That includes funding research to help create the divine AI coque thermique samsung j5 2017 itself.


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