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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5s Slide To Answer Problem If you cannot answer coque samsung j3 2016 souris your iPhone 5s, because slide to answer does not work properly, you are not the only one. Many users reported the exact same problem. Usually, when phone rings, and your phone coque huawei p30 is locked, the option coque samsung j3 deadpool is either completely unresponsive, or you need to slide many times until you actually answer the call. It is an annoying issue, for sure. coque samsung galaxy s20 samsung j3 coque pas cher Further down, you find 5 ways to fix iPhone 5s slide to answer problem, and we coque iphone 6 coque etui portable samsung j3 2016 hope one of the solutions we provided will coque huawei p8 solve the glitch. chaussur nike zoom enfant See also: coque samsung a70 fantaisie 5 Ways To Fix Frozen IPhone 5s We know how frustrating it is when slide to coque pour samsung galaxie j4 answer not working on iPhone 5s. It is always best to try the simple solutions first, and restart is among such solutions. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, coque personnalisees samsung until you see a red slider, drag coque liquide paillette samsung j5 2017 it, and turn your phone off. After a while, press and hold the sleep/wake button, to turn your phone back on. Solution No.2: coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 chat Reset your device . coque samsung galaxy note9 In a small number of cases, when iPhone 5s slider to answer doesn work, slide to power off is coque silicone paillette samsung j3 2016 not working normally either. coque samsung galaxy s8 plus If you have coque personnalisees iphone the same problem, it means the solution No.1 most likely won work for you, so you should reset your device. To do that, press Home button, and sleep/wake button at the same time, and hold the buttons coque lacoste samsung j3 for a couple of seconds. Release the buttons when Apple logo shows up. Hopefully, slide to answer will work just fine after the reset. Solution No.3: Remove the iPhone case . Many people solved the problem coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 riverdale by simply removing their iPhone case. Give it a shot, because it might just be the right solution for you. Solution No.4: Restore your iPhone via iTunes . papsnco The first thing you need to do is to make sure your iTunes software is up to date. The next step is to back up your device. air max pas cher Use the cable you got with your phone, coque samsung j3 2016 hello and connect your iPhone 5s. to your computer. Select your phone in iTunes, and choose Restore in the Summary panel. You will have to coque samsung j5 2016 zelda confirm the action by clicking on Restore again. When the phone is restored, it will restart and you will see the welcome screen that says: to set up. With a bit of luck, the annoying iPhone coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 joker 5s slide to answer problem will be gone. Solution No.5: Update iOS . Installing the latest version of iOS can fix the problem. coque samsung galaxy s6 You can do it wirelessly, because it is the simplest way. nike zoom chaussure coque samsung galaxy a70 What you need to do coque j5 2017 samsung silicone fille is: Connect your iPhone 5s to a power source and a Wi Fi network Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update Click Download and Install. For many people who experienced slide to answer issue, the problem was successfully solved with the latest iOS version.


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